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Commercial Movers

Affordable Assurance Movers understands that businesses, whether multi-national or local, are the backbone to the economy. We are therefore careful when it comes to assisting businesses move. We will plan each step so that your business does not suffer any loss while moving your staff/office equipment and furniture.

Our years of experience has enabled us to move companies and business without much interference to their operations. We have developed systems and mechanisms to ensure that everything in your office is relocated with due diligence. We have helped many companies in Austin, Texas move their belongings and this has cemented our reputation as a reliable commercial mover.

Whenever you contact us, we make sure that each item is packed according to the different department and function they are used for. This helps in minimizing down time when it comes to unpacking items at your new premises.

Because commercial moving is a delicate business never to be handled casually, we dispatch our well-trained employees to help you pack and move. Our employees are instructed to assist clients and to always be careful whenever handling client’s property. We also sign non-disclosure agreements with clients so as to maintain trust, and binds us not to disclose any information we may encounter in the process of moving your belongings.

Our commercial moving services are always available to clients whenever they need it. We are there to ease the stress caused by commercial moving and also allow companies to have a smooth transition from their old location to their new premises.

Below are some helpful advice we offer to commercial moving clients:

  1. Plan your move. No matter what kind of moving you are going to have, planning ensures that the move is successful.
  2. Contact a moving company. After doing research on different moving companies, settle on the one with the most experience as this guarantees reliability on the part of the mover. Affordable Assurance Movers has decades of experience helping businesses in Austin, Texas move their operations to new premises.
  3. Segment your move. If you do not want to interrupt business operations, make sure to segment your move according to its importance in the company. You can choose to move departments that have minimal contact with the clients first and having them settle before getting other departments to move.
  4. Inform your clients about your intended move. Let employees inform and notify your clients about your intended move. This can be done a month in advance up to the final moving date. Have pamphlets printed detailing the new location and the reason for moving. This eases the client's mind and ensures that your loyal clients are not poached by competitors.
  5. Assign an employee who will coordinate with the moving company. This ensures that the moving company has a contact person in your company whenever there is a problem when moving. It will also provide for accountability on the part of the moving company and the company being moved.
If you need a successful commercial move, contact Affordable Assurance Movers. We will assist you move your company and give you peace of mind.

Contact us at (512) 233-6779. We are always available to help you move.

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