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Same Day Movers

Same day moves are always hectic especially if you do not have a reliable moving company by your side. With Affordable Assurance Movers,the residents of Austin, Texas are assured of a reliable moving company always ready to assist.

What happens if you discover a perfect piece of furniture and you have just purchased it? Contacting Affordable Assurance Movers will give you peace of mind. We will help you move your new furniture to your location.

We also help residents move their household belongings at short notice. We have employees on stand-by always ready to be dispatched to your location and assist in packing, loading and transporting your belongings to your new residence.

Our dedication to excellent customer service assures our clients that we dispatch only professional employees to ensure that each item is handled with care. We have trained our employees to the highest standards in order to maintain the best quality of services offered to our clients.

You can rest easy when you contact us, as we will take care of everything to make sure that you are satisfied with the services rendered.

Below are tips to ensure that same day moves are successful:

  1. Even though you are moving on short notice, it is always advisable that you plan each move. Take a few minutes to go through each item, examining and recording any item you are planning to move.
  2. Because of the short notice, you will definitely need help moving. A moving company has all the resources to help you move. Affordable Assurance Movers has employed enough staff to make sure that your belongings are packed and loaded into trucks in the shortest time possible. We will also help you unpack your belongings when we reach your new address.
  3. Countercheck the items unloaded in your new premises with the list you had created when you were planning your move.
  4. If there are any damages, file a complaint through our offices and we will investigate and reimburse your belongings.
If you are relocating locally, make sure that you hire a moving company by the hour instead of by the weight of the truck. If you are moving through state lines, then you should visit our Long Distance Move page to get more information about long distance moving.

Remember, always be careful with same day moving. Give special attention to overseeing your moving company when packing and unpacking your belongings. Because your move is on short notice, you need to be vigilant that whatever you need is transported to your new location. Contact us at (512) 233-6779 and get same day moving services unrivalled by any other moving company.

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